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  1. These Cheap Vintage Aprons Are a Retro Sensation

    September 2, 2014 by

    Let’s face it–there’s something about vintage aprons that evokes good vibes all around. The sense of class, style and domestic awesomeness that a vintage apron can convey is more than appropriate for a woman who can be the hostess, cook, chef, and family entertainer all at once. When you look at vintage aprons from the 50s and 60s, you can’t help but get a feeling of nostalgia, where Ozzie and Harriet ruled the airwaves, and life just seemed to be simpler.

    Fast-forward to the age of the Internet, where selfies, memes and viral videos dominate the landscape, and it can be easy to feel completely out of touch with the days gone by. A vintage apron can serve as a visual cue, a miniature “time machine” that can transport you back into all of the retro warm fuzziness that you could want. The only problem is, many online shops that sell vintage aprons simply charge too much for what they’re offering. They like to put the words “retro” or “vintageā€ in their product descriptions, because it gives them license to charge inflated prices. Thankfully, we have found an online haven for cheap vintage aprons that offers you a wide variety of retro aprons without the huge price tag to go with it, and that’s eBay. Explore some of their real-time vintage apron listings below:

    As you can see, there are plenty of deals to be had on vintage-style full aprons, half aprons, bib aprons, Dutch aprons, patchwork aprons, aprons with pockets, etc…practically anything that can be placed in the “kitchen textiles” category can be found on “The Bay” as I like to call it. The list truly goes on and on. Simply put, vintage aprons in that classic 1950s or 1960s style have a look that really cannot be matched. While I’m no Luddite–I love all of our modern conveniences just as much as the next person–you can’t help but have a little bit of longing for the simpler days of times past.

    Cheap Vintage Aprons
    Vintage aprons are wicked awesome.