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Where to Find Cheap Vintage Brooches

by Albion's Vintage Corner

Finding the perfect vintage brooch can be like discovering a hidden treasure. Brooches as a fashion item have a rich and fascinating history, which is part of the reason for their timeless appeal. They are also known as “fibulae”, which for some reason makes me think of a thigh bone. The main purpose of a brooch is to hold certain garments together, and to look good while doing it. Brooches are mainly decorative items, and they’re normally made from some type of metal such as gold, silver, bronze or some other type of alloy. Brooches have been around since the times of ancient Rome, so they’re nothing new, and they were adopted as a pretty serious fashion statement by many different cultural groups such as the Greeks, Romans, Germanic peoples, and Celts. When you think about vintage brooches in particular, it’s not so much referring to the brooches of ancient times, but rather those of the early 20th century, particularly the 1920s and 1930s. Some of the coolest, most imaginative and most ornate brooches were created during this time. While it’s not always easy to find good deals on these highly-sought-after pieces, you can definitely find a good selection of cheap vintage brooches on eBay. Here are the latest listings for vintage brooches:

Some brooches have become famous among those who keep track of these elaborate ornamental clasps; one good example is the Tara Brooch, which is one of the most important works of early Insular art on the planet. The Tara Brooch has achieved such widespread acclaim that it is now in the National Museum of Ireland located in Dublin.

Cheap Vintage Brooches
The famous Tara Brooch. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.


Brooches have different shapes, and are termed with different words based on the shape. For example, if you have a round-shaped brooch, it is called an “annular” brooch. Brooches that have a solid ornamental face with a pin and hook in the back are known as “discoidal” brooches. Perhaps the earliest form of brooches had designs that resembled a basic safety pin, but over time the skills of artisans began to elaborate on both the construction and aesthetic aspects of the brooch. After a while, brooches were considered to be an element of high fashion, and skilled craftsmen would incorporate various precious gems and artistic flair (e.g., starbursts and scatter pins) to create miniature works of art, as it were, out of their brooches. In the early 20th century, brooches were designed to reflect the current styles and fashion of the day, and those very pieces are what we now call “vintage brooches.” So yeah, while there are several smaller online shops that also feature vintage brooches, by and large you’re going to get more of a variety and possibly better prices by checking out eBay first. Nuff said…toodles.

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